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Roadworks Commercial Paving has highly-experienced commercial paving contractors ready to help with any parking lot services you need. We install new construction parking areas, resurface existing parking lots, and replace worn asphalt. A parking lot makes the first impression on customers, so we know that it is important to have a reliable and smooth blacktop surface. We not only offer installation and replacement, but also worry-free maintenance and long-lasting asphalt patching.

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Commercial parking lots handle large volumes of traffic, so they need to be made with materials that can handle the pressure. We have the experience and knowledge to properly grade the foundation and use high-quality asphalt mixes that are perfect for your particular situation. Drainage is another important factor for long-lasting parking lots. Our dedicated paving contractors take care of all of these details and ensure that no steps are skipped when building your new parking lot.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed commercial paving contractor in Tennessee. Asphalt paving is our craft, and we work closely with our customers to make sure we understand what they want and provide the best solutions for them. Our cost-effective options and competitive pricing will help you get the asphalt solutions you need without breaking the bank. We offer a wide range of commercial asphalt services, including:

Sometimes it is not easy to tell if a parking lot needs a coat of sealant or to be completely resurfaced. We can visit your project site and provide a free assessment and work up a no-obligation quote for you.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Commercial business owners looking for cost-effective solutions for their parking lots will be impressed with the price of resurfacing! Milling and overlaying asphalt pavement is a way of removing the top layers of asphalt and replacing it with fresh asphalt. This evens out uneven surfaces, removes cracks, and deeper potholes are patched at the same time. The entire paved area has a fresh, new, blacktop surface for the fraction of the cost of repaving the lot.

Call us for a free quote on any commercial pavement services you need – installation, replacement, resurfacing, or repair. Our friendly staff looks forward to helping arrange a date and time for your free paving estimate.


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Paving Services We Provide

Parking Lot Paving

Asphalt Installation, New Construction

Asphalt parking lots are a long-lasting, affordable, and reliable parking solution for commercial businesses. They are quick to install, easy to repair, and perfect for commercial properties. The black surface of hot mix asphalt contrasts nicely with parking lot striping, and makes a great impression on customers visiting your business. Our asphalt contractors install paved surfaces with excellence.

Asphalt Replacement

Tear Up and Repave Parking Lots

If your parking area’s foundation has had water infiltration and too much damage to be resurfaced, we can tear up and replace your parking lot with new asphalt. We will regrade the foundation, install a strong and sturdy foundation, and finish with the highest-quality asphalt materials. Asphalt surfaces last for decades when properly installed, and our paving contractors know the best practices.

Parking Lot Repair

Resurfacing, Mill and Overlay

We offer both installation and maintenance for commercial asphalt surfaces in Nashville. Parking lot repair is an essential part of keeping your parking lot ready for business. If your parking spaces look run down, and have potholes, reach out to us for a free estimate to fix it up! We have a variety of repair and regular maintenance services we offer that can get your parking lot looking like new.

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